We opened the Pyjama Shop in 2016 as an online Pyjama Store for women, focusing initially on comfortable classic styles in new and innovative fabrics.

In 2017, we branched out into wedding sleepwear and a new chill range which is a combination of loungewear that you can wear to bed!

 In October 2018, we opened our first retail outlet in Parkhurst Johannesburg, stocking a very broad range of sleepwear from classy intimate sleepwear to dreamy super soft classics.

From there we expanded into men’s sleepwear and loungewear, from pure cotton Kikoi chill pants and shorts, funky printed cotton boxers to the more classic cotton paisley pyjama sets.

And now more recently, we have added a small range of easy to wear cotton & modal pyjama sets for boys, and cotton nighties and PJ sets for girls. In the children’s range, we start from ages 3-4 and go up to 11-12.

Pyjama’s make the perfect gift!  If you buy something that doesn’t suit, the receiver of your gift can come and swap it for something more appropriate. Or if you have purchased it online, contact us and we will work with you to sort it out either by refund to your account or by replacing the item with the correct size







We travel regularly to bring you a wide variety of the fantastic and innovative fabrics.
Things we’re big on : great hand-feel and quality of fabric. Great colours, beautiful prints and comfortable you are spoilt for choice. 


We use local suppliers wherever we can. Much of our range is produced in Johannesburg. Our locally purchased, recyclable and biodegradable swing tags and bags are made from 100% recycled paper. 


Safe and convenient, you can now shop from the comfort of your own home. With our easy to navigate online store you can take the time to peruse our full collection. Check out the size guide to get the right size. 


We deliver within South Africa for R120 and your order may take 2-5 days. It is important to us that you are happy with your purchase. If you are not satisfied please get in touch with us to arrange a return or exchange. 


Annie is the creative force and business woman behind The Pyjama Shop brand. With a background in the textile industry, she joined as a Director of The Pyjama Shop in 2018.

“The inspiration actually came from my girlfriends who were all finding it difficult to find stylish, but comfy pyjama’s. So I designed a small range of pyjama’s and started getting enquiries for mens pj’s as well. When my two boys asked for some cool sleep shorts and I couldn’t find any, we moved into pure cotton boxer shorts in funky prints and these have become our mainstay product especially at Christmas.

The bridal sleepwear enquiries also started to come through and we began manufacturing and importing special bridal lingerie. Last but not least, we started a small range of kiddies pyjama’s from 3 years up to 14 years, girls and boys.

I personally design 90% of the product in our store, and we try wherever possible to manufacture locally. The only imports we do are on specialised goods such as slippers, some bulky fleece robes, and silk satins with intricate detail.

I go overseas to buy the latest fabrics with a focus on the newest and softest fabrics. I am tactile intolerant so I search for soft fabrics that I would wear. We prewash all fabrics before we cut to prevent shrinkage and try to make our fit a little looser for comfort.

We do quite a bit of loungewear for men and women, sleepwear that you can throw on and wear around the house when you get home, and styles that are ok to pop down to your local shops for the newspaper or a coffee. 

Wherever possible, we buy local, from our paper bag suppliers, to our courier service, and local printers for our boxer short fabric. This is very important aspect to me. 

We have a shop in Parkhurst Johannesburg and of course our online presence. We hope to start exporting South African product to the rest of the world very soon.“ 



When you support a local small business you don’t only support a dream, but local industry. 


From our couriers, textile printers, manufacturers, staff and other suppliers. 


 We really try wherever possible to manufacture locally. The only imports we do are on specialised goods, but will continuously strive for more.


If you want to know if a product is made in South Africa, check the product page and this will be listed in the description. 


Click here to shop the full collection. 




The Pyjama Shop is aimed at making shopping for Pyjama's easy and affordable from the comfort of your home. Pyjama's make the perfect gift and we deliver direct to your door within 2 working days to major centres around South Africa.   



Most of our product is made in South Africa using imported specialised fabrics. Our classic, but contemporary designs are made for comfort using silks, cottons, polyester wash and wear satins and modals for the soft touch against the skin.






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 Don't be put off by online shopping, with our full proof size guide

and an excellent return and exchange policy you have nothing to fret. 

If it doesn't fit, simply let us know and we will arrange for the parcel to be

collected and refund you in full for your item! Simple and safe!

We deliver within South Africa for R120, your order may take 2-5 days.  






What our customers say about us! The proof is in the pudding. We are committed to providing you with excellent service and beautiful product

WhatsApp us on 082 386 7895 for any questions you may have. You can also request to be added to the Pyjama Shop Party WhatsApp group to be the first in the know for sales, specials and brand new product. Only we can send messages in the group and questions or responses will be sent directly to us, so it won’t be another noisy whatsapp group.